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Within just a week of moving to the DFW area I was involved in a terrible head-on car accident that left me profoundly and permanently disabled. As a widow who was my sole source of support I found myself in a place where I didn’t yet know a single person with no means of earning a living. I was left blind and unable to tend to my most basic needs. I wasn’t even able to drive to an attorney’s office to commence the process of seeking compensation for my disabilities. Martin Hoffman came to my home and carefully explained what he and his firm would pursue on my behalf. I had no idea then that I was retaining a man of such superb integrity and incredible grit. Martin kept me informed and aggressively sought every avenue to obtain all proceeds available to me in settling my claims. But Martin went much further than just doing a great job. Martin kept my real interests at heart. He talked to me and explained my options throughout the process. Martin put being a superb attorney second to being a warm human who actually cared that I came out of this in the best situation possible. My claim was anything but straightforward. The parties to my situation were tremendously entrenched and seemingly determined to leave me in less than ideal straights. Martin didn’t let that happen. In most cases one might expect to litigate against individuals or even corporations. For me Martin successfully faced down a nation. At the end of the day most people can believe they’ve done what they could. I hope Martin will walk away from my case knowing he has done more. He can hold his head high because in the course of my settlements he consistently did so with honor, kindness and enormous professionalism. In America we don’t generally erect personal structures on the edge of town as a tribute to our various heroes. If we did… mine would proudly stand just as one enters the city of Dallas and his name would be… Martin Hoffman.

Dear Martin, It has been a long hard fight and I want to thank you for doing a great job with my case. Your persistence and aggression are to be commended and your open and candid communications with me during the process have been comforting. The important thing is that we were victorious through your efforts and expertise. As you know, I initially gave my case to a different attorney who sat on it doing nothing for over a year. When I fired that attorney and gave you the case, I was pleasantly surprised when you filed the suit within two weeks. You then handled all aspects of the case and gave me good advice on each decision along the way. You really did a great job and I appreciate your responsible way of dealing with the case and your astute navigation to a successful closure of my case. Sincerely,

To All the good folks at Smogers, particularly Martin, for all your assistance and fine work. Many thanks from "Down Under". Why not come and visit sometime? Kind Regards

When my mother was injured at the nursing home where she resided, my family and I sought out various law firms to handle our case. We researched and found the Smoger Law Firm on the internet and gave them a call. The feedback was immediate. We were promptly put in contact with attorney Martin Hoffman. We were pleased with his straight forwardness and professionalism. During the entire process of our mother's case, Martin showed tenacity in his endeavor to get our mother's case presented in the best possible manner. The entire family appreciates a job "well done" by Martin Hoffman and the Smoger Law Firm.

I have never needed the services of a law firm with the exception of having a will drawn up recently. I was involved in a tragic car / bull accident. Had it not been for the professionalism and compassion exhibited by Heather, Martin and Barbara in pursuing my claim, I would have spent the rest of my life trying to pay medical bills. As a result of their diligence that is not the case. My case was settled in fair and timely manner. I would highly recommend Smoger Law Firm to anyone I know. Once again, thank you for making a dreadful situation a little more tolerable.

I just wanted to take some time out and thank Martin, Renee, Ilene, Carla and Peggy at the Smoger Law Firm. From day one, I can remember the staff visiting me in the hospital. About once a week after my release, Peggy or Renee will call just to see how I was coping. I felt really blessed that they were concerned about me and not just the case at hand. They made me feel very comfortable and like I was part of the family. I have never and I can honestly say never trusted a lawyer's firm like I do yours. You all treated my husband and myself with such compassion and concern. Because of my injuries, I had a very difficult and long case that took some time to settle. Martin took over then and I have never had a lawyer that truly went to bat for me like he did. I can honestly say I truly trusted his integrity, advice and persistence. Martin, Renee, and Ilene again I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Smoger and Associates not only handled my lawsuit but they also helped me locate the best doctors to help me with my physical injuries. Their professional and friendly approach made me feel like part of their family.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone at the law firm of Smoger & Associates, P.C. My personal injury case was complex and very drawn out, yet every time I called your office, your team of highly qualified personnel were supportive and very professional in handling my concerns. I felt like you were interested in me as a person and not just the legal issues at hand. I also felt very confident in your guidance and trusted your advice and persistence. Although my primary dealings over the years were with Gerson, Ilene, Carla, Martin and Renee, I know that it takes many dedicated staff members to make the firm operate as a team. On behalf of my family and I, thank you for everything - we are truly grateful. I have and will continue to recommend your law firm to my family and friends.

Two years ago when my son was injured, the outcome seemed very bleak. But your firm was diligent and determined in making a case, and for that we will be always indebted to you. Although my son can never be fully compensated for his loss, you have made it possible for a much brighter future . We thank you so much. Martin was always willing to answer questions; he never made us feel as if we were imposing. I trust him without hesitation. It's obvious that Gerson is knowledgeable in trial law. When we went into litigation, I knew my son was in the best hands possible (both Martin and Gerson). I cannot thank your firm enough for what you have done. We will always have you in our prayers.

When I first heard about the diet drugs, I thought I had finally found an answer to my weight problem. I lost weight and also my health. I was fortunate that I did not die. I did, however, sustain damage to my heart valve. I saw advertisements for the class action lawsuit against the manufacturer, but decided to research my options on the internet. I emailed the law firm of Smoger & Associates, P.C.. Attorneys At Law out of Dallas, Texas. Within a couple of days I received a phone call from them. They immediately started working on my case. They started with getting my medical records. I was impressed by the fact that they kept me informed on a regular basis about the status of my case. I was able to talk to my lawyer at any time in addition to keeping touch by email. I had no idea what I was doing but they did thank God. I am grateful for the thorough, professional way my case has been handled and for the settlement they were able to negotiate for me. Nothing will compensate me for the loss of my health, the pain of surgery, and the on-going medical care I must endure. The settlement that Smoger & Associates, P.C. negotiated will, however, enable me to buy my necessary medications and have some quality of life.

We knew we had an uphill battle when Amy was told of the damage that was caused due to her taking a medication that had some flaws. The manufacturer of this medication was offering those patients that were "harmed" a ridiculously low amount to settle in what they called "A Class-action settlement". Knowing this offer was unsatisfactory, and after some serious researching, we felt comfortable with you taking Amy's case and being reassured that you were going for what you felt was a fair and logical settlement. The process was done in a timely and VERY professional manner and we were always kept "In the loop" as to what was going on regarding Amy's case by both you and by members of your staff. We want to thank you for all that you and your staff have done to enable us to get on with our lives and put this all behind us with the compensation that was awarded to us in the settlement. Thanks again.

"I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you and your firm for all the work you did on my recent personal injury lawsuit. It was a difficult decision to make to take this action but you and your staff made it as painless as possible for me. Over the past three years my life has certainly been difficult to bear with my auto accident and resulting medical problems – including surgery on my neck. I feel a great deal of gratitude to you, Martin and Gerson for obtaining a large enough settlement for me that not only pays my medical bills while leaving enough left over to pay for any lingering problems I may have. I would recommend your law firm to anyone I know that may be considering this kind of claim. What I respect about your firm the most is the kind of professionalism you exhibit. You have always provided me the facts and let me make my own decisions on how to proceed. I know I have been able to trust you along the way to help me make the right decision. Once again thank you for your assistance with my case. If there is ever any way I can help you please do not hesitate to ask.

The law itself is sometimes complicated, and law firms can be intimidating. I found Ilene Smoger, and Smoger and Associates, to be extremely professional but at the same time, warm and friendly. I always felt that they cared about me and my small personal injury case as much as their larger cases. They were concerned, compassionate and extremely helpful in getting me treatment and a settlement.

I have used the services of Smoger & Associates, P.C. many times in the past, during some difficult periods, when I felt weight of the world crushing down around me. Knowing that the law firm of Smoger and Associates, P.C. was on my side, put my mind at ease."

I had the opportunity for Ilene Smoger to represent me in two automobile accident claims. I found her and her staff to be courteous, attentive and responsive. I truly felt that Ilene represented my interests professionally and thoroughly. I can recommend Ilene and her staff to anyone looking for legal representation.

I would like to thank your office for helping me with my car accident. I appreciate all you ladies have done for me in my time of need. Not only were you all very professional, you were caring about me and my needs and thoughtful to when I had to have you make phone calls or faxes to doctors and/or medicines. If I ever need help in the future, or a friend of mine, I will certainly give you a call again. God Bless to you all and again many thanks. My 3 boys and I appreciate the help you have given to make a terrible situation less painful. You’re a terrific team!

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