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Personal Injury Cases

Selected personal injury cases handled by members of the firm that have resulted in settlements or trials of more than one million dollars.

bullet Lead smelter negligently exposing 16 children to harmful lead pollution
bullet Faulty manufacture of safety system in truck causing paraplegia
bullet Auto to auto impact on freeway
bullet Wrongful death of truck driver at truck terminal
bullet Exposure to contamination by residents of Times Beach, MO.
bullet Improper crematory practices by funeral home
bullet Contamination of community drinking water supply
bullet Contamination of private wells
bullet Child born with birth defects
bullet Wrongful death of construction worker at airport terminal
bullet Release of automobile air bag causing child quadriplegia
bullet Auto to truck impact resulting in death to two children and brain injury to a third 
bullet Railroad derailment exposing people to chlorine gas
bullet Improper use of anesthesia causing death in 14 year old
bullet Improper delivery resulting in cerebral palsy
bullet Heart valve replacement due to diet drugs

* Results obtained depend on the facts of each case.