Early response and effective liability assessment of truck accidents, in coordination with experienced and qualified accident investigators and reconstruction experts, is completely necessary regarding truck accident.  Truck accident cases present unique challenges and issues not usually encountered in typical motor vehicle accident cases, including:

bullet Greater likelihood of substantial damage claims; 
bullet Juror prejudice against truck drivers and trucking companies;
bullet Claims of negligence in the areas of driver hiring, qualification and training;
bullet Claims of negligence in the areas of vehicle maintenance;
bullet Conflicting or overlapping insurance coverages for leased tractors or trailers;
bullet Claims by co-drivers or unauthorized passengers;
bullet Claims by employees covered by workers' compensation insurance in a different state;
bullet Subject to more governmental regulations than non-commercial vehicles; and
bullet Unique physical limitations on driver and equipment due to the size and bulk of vehicles. 



bullet U.S. Department of Transportation
bullet Federal Highway Safety Administration
bullet Bureau of Transportation Statistics
bullet Texas Department of Transportation


Government Regulations:

bullet Code of Federal Regulations
bullet 49 CFR Parts 325, 350, and 382-399 (CFR database)
bullet 49 CFR Parts 100-180 (CFR database)
bullet 49 CFR Part 40 (CFR database)


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