Insurance Claim Denied?

Unum Provident Disability Claims Denied?

Our firm handles a variety of different types of  cases and claims arising out of disputes concerning insurance coverage on a multiple array of insurance policies.   Some of the different types of denied or delayed types of insurance policies that we will handle include, but are not limited to, long term disability insurance (and such companies as UnumProvident and its subsidiaries Colonial Life, Provident Life, and Paul Revere), short term disability, cancer, life insurance, home owners, renters and auto insurance policies.  Sometimes, insurance companies either deny or delay paying claims for improper reasons or in the case of long term disability they terminate the payment for long-term disability (LTD) benefits

We are fortunate to have on our staff a licensed insurance adjuster with over 20 years of experience to assist us in handling your case.  

Most recently, we have successfully handled the following type of insurance cases:


a case involving a insurance company that wrongfully denied coverage for a claim from a cancer policy


a claim where the insurance company would not pay a claim under the theft coverage under a rental policy; and


and  life insurance claims involving disputes between competing beneficiaries under a denied life insurance policy.


Our firm handles insurance denial claims for clients across the nation. Please contact  us at:

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